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What is the AutoTrakk system?

Dealer Information

The AutoTrakk system is designed to increase dealer volume and profitability by providing financing for credit challenged customers.

What is the AutoTrakk system?

  • The Auto Trakk program provides lease financing on late model dependable cars for your credit challenged customers.
  • AutoTrakk combines an easy to manage weekly lease payment with a payment protection device that encourages customers to make their payment on time.
  • Warranty and GAP protection is provided for every AutoTrakk deal.
  • AutoTrakk dealers have exclusive access to our online application and approval system.
  • The AutoTrakk online system also enables dealers to submit applications through the Dealer Track system.
  • Customers make payments directly to AutoTrakk online or over the phone.
  • AutoTrakk manages all customer account servicing.

Program Highlights

The AutoTrakk program provides your dealership with access to a whole new customer base and a streamlined application and approval system.

The AutoTrakk program provides...

  • Online application system with quick response time.
  • Fully integrated with Dealertrack system.
  • 100% add on business. Unique financing source for credit challenged customers.
  • Excellent opportunity for late model vehicles, program cars.
  • Incremental business.
  • Finance up to 115% of NADA retail.
  • Limited distribution program.
  • Reasonable deal structure creates new customers for life.
  • Fast, same-day funding via ACH with completed funding package.

How Can I Use AutoTrakk Online?

AutoTrakk makes it easy for you to manage your customers' applications with our online Dealer Support Center..

The dealer interface:

  • Is compatible with your existing Dealer Track system.
  • Enables AutoTrakk to make a decision on every application within minutes.
  • Submit and check applications around the clock.
  • Easy to use "Quick Caluclator" feature.
  • Complete deals at any time.
  • Automatically generates all required forms and paperwork for each deal.
  • All forms and paperwork print in your store complete with customer and vehicle information. Just print and sign.
  • View the funding status for every deal in-house.

How Can My Dealership Be Part Of The AutoTrakk System

AutoTrakk is a limited distribution system.

  • AutoTrakk is available only in selected states and you must be a registered AutoTrakk Dealer to take advantage of all the benefits of the AutoTrakk system
  • AutoTrakk assigns a dedicated representative to assist your dealership in setting up your account.
  • Your AutoTrakk representative is also available to help you process "special cases."
  • Your AutoTrakk respresentative will take the time to carefully train all your F & I personnel on location in your dealership or in our corporate training center..
  • To learn more about the AutoTrakk system visit our contact page and email the representative assigned to your area or email our sales department to have a representative contact you.